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Thank you for visiting DropInChildCare.com®, powered by Kidz Watch®, the trusted name in hourly child care. Kidz Watch®, and its founder, Julie Anne MacKinnon, are committed to the dynamic and responsible growth of short-term child care facilities throughout North America. If you are interested in bringing this type of unique and rewarding business to your community, DropInChildCare.com®, powered by Kidz Watch®, offers licensing, educational and certification programs to the aspiring child care entrepreneur. Contact us to discuss your child care business goals and dreams.

As an early pioneer in flexible child care solutions, Ms. MacKinnon established a small chain of drop-in child care centers in the Midwestern United States. Over time, she has developed an unparalleled base of knowledge about this unique sector of the child care industry. Ms. MacKinnon has worked with many successful drop-in center owners and operators throughout the United States. From the potentially overwhelming pre-opening period, to the busy day to day management of a high-volume center, the programs offered by DropInChildCare.com®, powered by Kidz Watch® can lead you down the path to success. Contact us to learn more!